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Haberfield Uniting Annesley

*Commendation: UDIA 2018 Awards for Excellence: Aged Care

The refurbishment of Uniting Annesley involved transforming a motel style building into a care home for older people living with a mental illness. New additional rooms, common areas, as well as the augmentation of the existing exterior corridor into the interior of the building, were included in the scope.

The challenge of this refurbishment was in making the existing building fit within the clients’ design guide and care model. With the focus on mental health, the heritage component of the building was renovated to maintain character, whereas the motel component of the site was enhanced with modern features representing a different era and character.

The overall result of this project is one of renewal, delight, colour and warmth. Once a bleak and dated environment, Uniting Annesley has been given a new lease of life to both the existing older buildings as well as for the residents who live there.

  • 85 Beds
  • Completed 2017

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