Asuoso Hospital, Ghana

May 29, 2014

Calder Flower are working on a design for a new hospital in rural Ghana.  Marian Remmersaal is a Dutch nurse who has initiated the project together with Lawrence Bempong who currently runs the existing St Theresa’s Clinic In Asuoso, Ghana.

The existing clinic is organised in three main buildings offering medical care and services that include a general eye clinic for vision testing, cataract treatment and surgery, an out patient department (OPD) with a pathology section and dispensary and a small maternity unit run by a local midwife.

The existing buildings are small houses which have been adapted to suit the clinic functions and are powered by a diesel generator. The only patient amenities are two pit latrines and a single un-roofed bathroom with no plumbing or drainage. This facility attends to up to 60 patients a day.

The development and costruction of a new hospital is proposed to offer a wider range of services and care to a larger number of people and will include in-patient care. A parcel of land between Asuoso and Akroso has already been allocated and purchased for the project.

In August 2012 Lara Calder with Amanda Lead, an architect from South Africa, visited Ghana to meet Marian and see the site. Our invovement as Calder Flower Architects is to help design the new hospital and came about when John Flower met Marian on a trip to Antarctica in 2011…

The accommodation brief is to include:

  • an out-patient department
  • administration offices
  • pathology services
  • an eye clinic
  • surgical departments
  • surgical wards
  • a maternity department
  • an emergency department
  • general medicine for men, women and children
  • maternity and obstetric unit
  • staff accommodation
  • utilities and services
  • food services

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