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Burradoo HarbisonCare

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Whole-heartedly adopting the Butterfly Household Model (developed by Dr. David Sheard, UK) for person-centred dementia care, the building facilitates a focus on interpersonal relationships and enables an emotional connection between carers and residents, through shared experience and communication.
Sited in the Southern Highlands south of Sydney, the home-like experience supports independence and comfort to people living with dementia. Through sympathetic siting, and a recognisable building form (pitched roof, deep eaves and verandah) and landscaping two connected fifteen-bed households have been created on a scale that reflects a domestic aesthetic and function.
This residential scale of built form, finishes selection and interior design support the therapeutic benefits of residents enabling them to carry out normal daily activities; such as cooking, doing laundry, social meals and recreation, whilst living within a supportive and safe environment staffed by emotionally connected carers.

  • 2 x 15 bed households
  • 2019

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